Our Approach

For KTH, our approach to meaningful transformation and black economic empowerment remains top of mind in all business activities. KTH has committed itself to establishing a balance between achieving commercial success and fulfilling the broader commitment to socio-economic development and transformation of society. Historically, KTH has supported the work of both Kagiso Trust (KT) and the Tiso Foundation (TF), both of whom are experts in their respective fields. KTH is fully supportive of the various programmes that they administer, both from a financial and non-financial point of view. A significant portion of available corporate social investment funding is allocated to the two organisations to ensure the sustainability of their various programmes.

As a means of supporting small business development in a sustainable and meaningful way, KTH has implemented a programme to facilitate the growth of several small black-owned businesses. Entitled “Impande” this programme seeks to provide access to markets and business development for entrepreneurs.

In addition, KTH looks to finding ways for staff members to get involved in supporting communities in the areas in which they live and operate.