Kagiso Tiso Holdings ("KTH")

KTH was created by the merging of two leading black owned and managed companies in South Africa, Kagiso Trust Investments and Tiso Group in 2011.KTH has the capacity to develop robust investment platforms in key growth areas, particularly in infrastructure, media, healthcare, resources, and financial services, across Africa. Kagiso Trust and Tiso Foundation have a combined shareholding of approximately 46%, making them one of the largest shareholder grouping in KTH. Our aim is to become the pre-eminent investment holding company in Africa



A new investment champion - with a wealth of experience.

The merger of Kagiso Trust Investments and Tiso Group, both with strong track records in the investment arena, has led to the birth of Kagiso Tiso Holdings ("KTH").

KTH is ideally placed, with a combined 28 years' worth of experience and gross asset value of over R14bn, to take its position in the South African investment landscape.